Saturday, April 15, 2006

Exciting things about this week:

- Went to the spring launch for Coach House Books on Wednesday night, the press of my dreams. Sipped a greyhound with my favorite writer friend and was overwhelmed by all the talented people who read - sticking to the perfect 3min limit. Great rule. Purchased The Theory of the Loser Class and The Lemon Hound and have been incredibly amused and inspired by both of these unique and well-crafted books.

- my parents came for a visit that was so wonderful. They are not normally fond of Toronto, but my adorable & adoring gf and I made sure they had a great time.

- My first book review (of Amanda Boyden's novel 'Pretty Little Dirty') appeared in the The Globe and Mail today.

- I interviewed Sarah Waters for Herizons magazine. She was really relaxed and sweet, and even though I was at the King Edward hotel I did not a) trip over someone/thing b) spill my drink c) say anything obnoxious. Points for gradually embracing adulthood even though as the spring dresses come out my tattoos betray the truth.

- I'm starting a detox fast this week, along with a new anti-internet, anti-tv 1000 words/day approach to writing. Until then, I'm all about crepes, chicken stew, beer while watching the Leafs game tonight (when did I become a jock?) and a constant rotation of sleep/sun/sleep/sun.

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