Tuesday, May 30, 2006

exciting new article from the www.bookninja.com magazine

Click Here JUST SMALL TOWN GIRL/JUST A CITY BOY by Aislinn Hunter and Sean Horlor (Illustration by Charles Checketts) who revisit a drunken debate they began on a bar patio: the urban vs. the rural in Canadian poetry.

An excerpt via SH re: "the current debate about a return to formalism in Canadian poetry and whether or not that is another thing that is making contemporary poetry contemporary. Here's my opinion: resurgence of form sociologically doesn't fit the Canadian psyche. Formal constraints don't match our social restraints, which are few. Although I respect writers who are subverting form and transforming it into something new and different, I believe that the poets who are claiming that formal concerns alone undeniably better our poetry are wrong. If I hear one more person champion the glosa (for example) as the new Jesus of Can Lit, I will be packing up the bachelorpad and heading off to Crazytown, population: one raging poet."

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