Saturday, May 20, 2006

ossington knows how to party

It really didn't help that DNTO was all about the fine art of procrastination. It had me sitting on my newly made bed (accomplishment #1) staring up at my bare but still hott pink walls (last month's domestic accomplishment#1) unable to decide what art to put up. Meanwhile the gf was cleaning the rest of the apartment at 600 km per hour while I remained immobile, equally stalling on the 60lbs of laundry we seemed to accumulate this week. Now she's napping and I'm staring at my mountain of notes and transcription tapes hoping they can magically turn into the three articles they need to be. I even procrastinated by going to the GYM. Nice change. I've been doing the 30 mins/cardio and 1000 words/new novel- a-day thing for about 8 days. I do admit that yesterday it was more like 20mins of cardio, 50 minutes of cursing myself for trite plot development and 7 iced coffees while watching sit-coms.

It's Inside/Out time again in Toronto. I usually find these two weeks socially exhausting, like having to go the prom every night. But alas, I am too broke to go hardcore this year. I do hope to make it for the Reel Trans short film night next Friday to see Tough Enough by my favorite Vlogger and oldest friend.

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