Monday, May 22, 2006

"we invite you to share our passion for books" - one plus to the west creeping gentrification of my neighborhood

Today I discovered a new bookstore just across the park from my house. If I dreamed up a store, this would be it. Well-stocked poetry and graphic novel section, had an older poetry title from McGilligan and lots of great Canadian authors from big and small presses on display. High ceilings. Great magazine rack -which included an article I wrote for This magazine I had no idea was already out. The kids section at the back is well-stocked and lovely. A+.

Well, perhaps if Clafouti and the bookstore were conflated and I had a little office for my burgeoning literary imprint w/ Ms. Foad at the back facing a beautiful deck where we sat drinking Illy iced coffees with our future puppies and babies, then it would truly be my dream spot. But for now, it's perfect.

Even though I am indeed down to my last hundred bucks with no job in sight, I bought a copy of Nerve Squall by Sylvia Legris, thus completing my Coach House spring 2006 library stacked up in the living room awaiting proper shelving.

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