Wednesday, May 10, 2006

you can't get to heaven with a three chord song

When I joined the West End YMCA to try to combat my stationary at-home writer lifestyle, I'd heard the rumours that it was gaytown. I didn't realize it was also a haven for the day-time writers. I got on the elliptical machine beside the awesome emily p-w today who is writing a young adult series that sounds amazing. I wish I could be half as hard-working as her. As we were sweating away she said "I hear you have two new books on the way! That's exciting." In response I blathered on about waiting for both edits to come back at the same time and how nervous I was. She said, "Your last book was in 2001, right?" and it dawned on me how long ago that sounded, and I realized how momentous these two new books coming out really were and I got truly excited about them both for the first time in a long while.

I came home to an email with a generous back cover quote from one of my favorite Toronto poets, who I also often spy looking cute on the elliptical machines, RM Vaughan The blurb he wrote for my new poetry book is so terribly amazing I am going to bake him cookies right now and drop them off on his door-step. "You're so rural!" says my girlfriend, as a compliment.

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