Tuesday, June 13, 2006

if you're hearing the hum, you're not hearing the horns

I live in Little Portugal. Today I stood by the loud whirring of the industrial fridge at the 24hour Dominion comforted by hum because it provided insulation between myself and the crowds of drunks waving flags, honking horns and freaking out about soccer. This will go on all month, i am told. It's provoking random maniacal fits of rage and my cat is very upset. All i wanted was yogurt and coffee and a walk through the park!

In better news, Westfest was incredible. My reading went well. My parents and my best friend from high school surprised me on the morning of. Never have I been treated like such a VIP, catered food, free drinks, lots of amazing live music.

Today I had lunch with my fabulous agent and talked plot and future plans. It was lovely. I feel rejuvinated even if all I want is a job with health insurance.

I could go on and on about my teeth and the two thousand dollars I need to fix them. For now it's sensodyne + advil + hope and denial.

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