Tuesday, July 11, 2006

beer pitcher filled with ice and espresso

Today I hit page 100 in my brand new novel.

It's so strange to be deeply immersed in these characters while still editing the poetry book and the short story collection, both of which are coming out in the next year. I love that I have momentum between projects - the YA novel, the adult novel and the graphic novel are all on the go. I have a third poetry book brewing in the back of my mind.

I think it's the summer and the 5 iced americanos I've been drinking every day.

Today I was interviewed for Book TV's Heart of a Poet series for an episode on JPF. It was bizarre. My relationship to TV is either acrimonious or easy-breezy and today was at the point in between. I hate how long everything takes, that I can't speak in sound bites and that not all shots are taken from five feet above my head. For some reason I used the word "surgical" twice in reference to why I like JPF's poetry. My brain is empty of everything but the characters in my new novel. I feel like I'm dating them. I want to buy them flowers.

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