Wednesday, July 05, 2006

one soul, cheap

I'm experiencing tooth pain that feels like at any moment could cause vivid hallucinations. I have already shelled out $2000 of my grant money this year towards emergency dentistry, and have been crossing my fingers that the cavity I've had since the year 2000 will just fade away with the power of my will.

Tonight while watching a very engaging episode of So You Think You Can Dance ( minus the rampant fat and trans phobia is fairly entertaining) I was struck by a pain I've never felt before, even after getting my wisdom tooth yanked a month back.

So I'm taking a page from my favorite video blogger, Lukas Blakk, and starting my own lack-of-dental-insurance charity. Well, she raised funds to get to Vloggercon (I love saying that word) not dr.sturm's office, but you know.

Once I figure out this paypal account thing, I'm going to post it here and urge anyone with a few extra bucks to put them towards ending my pain.

Alternately, anyone who would like to commit insurance fraud and pretend I'm your loving partner, I'm game for this as well.

I'm looking for work right now as the freelance game is very difficult in the summer. I will sell my soul for insurance. Seriously.

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Five Things that Make Me Mad said...

I HATE tooth pain, shelling out money to fix it, and sorry to say, also hate that dance reality show. Now, you can tell what YOU hate, on my blog!