Monday, August 28, 2006


Via the lovely first-read-of-my-day Bookninja site: Judy Stoffman from the Star wrote an interesting article about Douglas Coupland's recent article in the NY Times. I'd love to read the original but it's members-only.

"To enliven the waning days of summer, Vancouver-based novelist Douglas Coupland has published a provocative rant in the online New York Times about Canadian literature.
"Can/Lit (sic)," he writes, "is when the Canadian government pays you money to write about life in small towns and/or the immigrant experience."
He also writes that CanLit is anti-urban and anti-modern in spirit, and inimical to experimental writers like himself. He blamed entrenched, aging authors (none named) who suck up all the attention." -


My partner and I watched the much-lauded film Brick last night, myself being a fan of anything teen-drama and/or first-film/arty, both of us interested in seeing what else that kid from the alien TV show could do after kicking ass in the latest (and most-successful) Araki film, Mysterious Skin. Only by the film's end did I begin to appreciate it, other than a few lines of fabulously dry dialogue - ("I'm just going to stand here and bleed at you.") My girlfriend found the whole thing pretentious and art school and entirely too long. Then we argued about the proliferation of feel-good disney sports movies after a preview of one such gem starring The Rock, who I accidently called Vin Diesal. Girlfriend - in favour of sentimental good-trumps-evil football team triumphs in the end movies. Me, not so much.

It's amazing we make it out of the video store still together and with anything other than our shared favorites in hand - You and Me and Everyone We Know, seasons one and two of the OC and anything starring Catherine Keener.

In other news, I'm attempting to go back to the gym after a one week hiatus that feels like seven. This is where I catch up on my celebrity gossip via free magazines and practise the "i don't see you, other freelancer, please don't notice my bad outfit" face while listening to new Hidden Cameras record. AWOO, indeed.

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