Sunday, August 20, 2006

it's all happening...and it goes to print tomorrow!!

"I’m also entirely excited to see that Zoe Whittall’s got a book of poetry on the close horizon. Her second collection, The Emily Valentine Poems, will be out any day now with newbie-innovative-indie Montreal press Snare Books. Given Whittall’s prolific literary commitment to the queer girl voice, the crushing of fat-phobia, and the exquisite construction of, well, every line she writes, this little book of poems promises to be nothing but perfect. Once I get my hands on a copy I’ll give it a thorough review." - Stacey-May Fowles, on the Shameless Magazine blog

Coming interview on the new Northern Poetry Review website.
..reading at WOTS 2006 in Toronto.

I'll also be launching The Emily Valentine Poems soon after at the Beaver Cafe, because I'm such a west-end queer.

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