Thursday, November 23, 2006

when a cutting edge press turns bland and conservative

I've been pretty sad to see that one of my favorite presses, and yes, and CBC radio, supports this book. I also hate that it has such an attractive cover. grr.

Somerville claims that her objection to gay marriage is based on her concern as an ethicist that the children of queer couples will inevitably find it difficult to trace the identities of their biological parents. This argument simply makes no logical sense. Heterosexuals procreate daily on impulse and produce unwanted children who have trouble tracing their biological parents. Queers, in contrast, usually put extensive planning into their parenting.

- from an article by Sky Gilbert

I was happy to read Alex Good's review in Quill & Quire, on how she locates shared ethics "..she does so in language that is as generalized, repititious, and lush with unhelpful metaphor as any New Age spiritual guidebook. one has to cut through a veritable jungle of windy abstraction before finding any engagement with specific ethical issues. And when theory does not meet practise, the analysis fails to persuade...Somerville uses the word "hope" a lot when talking about the future, but her main hope for the future is that it will preserve the past. this can only lead to a deeply conservative, if not static, system of ethics that not everyone will share."

Well said.

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Jen said...

I was shocked at this book too- I was actually thinking about reading it, as from the title, cover and blurb on the back you can in no way tell it's right wing propaganda. Bla.