Saturday, April 21, 2007

Parting of the Sensory*

Click here to read a piece on me on the Until Monday blog.

Click here to read a piece on a blog by an old friend (does someone count as an ex if you were 16?) who I found, along with several dozen friends from elementary school in the townships and high school pals from the west island, on Facebook.

I can't stop listening to the new Modest Mouse* record and I'm quite happily reading two new books from Connundrum, Catherine Kidd's novel and a graphic novel gem by Emily Holton. I also just finished A.M. Homes' This Books Will Save Your Life and am loving Michelle Tea's YA novel Rose of No Man's Land.

Tell me what you're reading.

And remember, dear Toronto, to come to my launch on May 2nd at the Gladstone. Sky Gilbert (author of Brother Dumb, and many other amazing novels & plays) and I will be in conversation with musician and novelist Maggie MacDonald. Special Guest Elvira Kurt. 7:30 pm, free admission. Special Bottle Rocket Themes cupcakes by Cakes on Cakes!

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