Thursday, February 07, 2008

upcoming appearances

- Reading at Hamilton's GRITlit festival on April 5th at 2pm w/ Sean Dixon.
- reading with Eileen Myles at Small Press Traffic in San Francisco on April 19th
- Being a guest at the Sunshine Coast Writers' Festival in August
- Reading with Michael V. Smith at the Common Magic - The Legacy of Bronwen Wallace conference in Kingston on March 7th.
- You can join the Bottle Rocket Hearts Facebook Group here
- I was a guest at the Toronto Public Library's Book Lover's Ball last week - very surreal. There's a photo of me in the bathroom of the Fairmount Royal York (that is bigger than my entire apartment) but I can't seem to figure out how to connect my cell phone to my lap-top, so alas, no evidence of my first black-tie affair.

Oh, and please order my book now because for my birthday, coming up next week, all I really want in the whole wide world, is a second printing with 100% less typos.

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