Monday, May 12, 2008

Knows How to Party...*

The first shot is of the incredibly awesome and generous-with-her-genius poet Eileen Myles and Marcilyn Cianfarani, aka my smoocherella, on a Sunday afternoon in the Mission the day after our reading. The second pic is with my friend Joey Stevenson, who introduced me at the Small Press Traffic reading series.

The title poem from my next book, Precordial Thump, will appear in the next issue of The Fiddlehead. I also have a suite of poems called Sternal Rub appearing in Exile Quarterly, and several poems, including one from a new Hotel series, making their debut in the Gallows Humour issue of Matrix Magazine. Watch for an essay - well, more like a scrappy sarcastic list - on the writing life appearing in a forthcoming issue of Event.

*when does one become too old for a Tupac reference?

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