Saturday, July 17, 2010

Holding Still

This is a photo of my friend Jen Markowitz (rock star) and Sorrell Scrutton (also rock star) reading my first book and my most recent book, on my couch while I was at work. Don't they look cute?

I've launched a manuscript consultation service. If you would like me to read and comment on your work in progress, see my new blog.

I don't really have any news, except that the e-book version of Holding Still for As Long as Possible will be out soon with Kobo, and I will be in New York City this September to promote the American release, with fellow Anansi author, Emily Schultz.

I'm mostly working on the script adaptation of Bottle Rocket Hearts. Writing a treatment is more difficult than I anticipated, but so far so good.

I'd love to hear from you if you've read Holding Still for as Long as Possible. I'm also on Twitter if you'd like to connect that way.

1 comment:

Allison said...

Hi Zoe,

I have nothing more intelligent to say other than to state that I absolutely loved Holding Still for as Long as Possible.

I am a recent and recovering political science grad, meaning that I hadn't read a decent novel in 4 years, because I was drowning in boring poli sci texts. After graduation, I got back into reading with the help of your book. Thank you.

Also, I'd like to say that you're an inspiration to me. I'm a magazine web editor and I want to write a novel one day, but I'm too scared. :)