Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holding Still for as Long as Possible is nominated for two LAMBDA Literary Awards!

This is a photo from Xtra's article about the awards
HSFALAP is on the shortlist for Transgender fiction and Lesbian fiction. I am beyond thrilled!

Xtra! wrote an article about all the Canadians on the 2011 list.

I'm pleased to see fellow Canadian femme Amber Dawn's book Sub Rosa nominated for Debut Lesbian Fiction. I just interviewed her for Queeries. Also happy to see Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation on the list. I just finished reading it, and it rocked.

In other news, I'll be working with writer Lisa Foad on the film version of HSFLAP this year. And I just found out that Bottle Rocket Hearts the film is going to receive funding from Telefilm. All in all, a tremendous week. Plus, it's warm enough to ride my bike. Woot!


Sarah Keller Murray said...

Wow...can't wait to see the movies! You can read my review/rave of Bottle Rocket Hearts on my blog, if you'd like. I'm a lit student at Laval so I get to read a LOT of novels (actually I read yours for a Eng-QC lit course at the M.A. level), but yours has really stood out. As I finish my post (see I'm raving by then), the novel "is one of the most enjoyable, interesting, readable, conversation-starting, and thought-provoking books I’ve ever read."

notho said...

nice SY toque and great aboot the telefilm too good luck with lamba