Sunday, October 15, 2006

the ruling cat class

It's getting too cold to drink coffee on the balcony every morning. This is sad because I've developed a consuming ritual this summer that involved observing the theatrical cat dynamics of the neighbourhood. Mostly this means that Zion, (aka Monster) walks around the perimetre making sure none of the other cats have any self-esteem at all. Most recently there is a new one-year-old boy cat with parents who let him outside. He's joyful and clueless and the bane of Monster's existence. He's been stuck in the tree twice.

I've been spending too much time "browsing" on the humane society website. I'm in love with a puffy faced tom cat named Chitco. I wish that my cat, diva that she is, would allow me to have another one. She hates anyone else with fur.

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