Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Link to my interview with Dani Couture for the Northern Poetry Review

Does growing up on a sheep farm inherently make one a good poet?

Ha ha. Come to think of it - poets and sheep farmers are a lot alike. There's a similar lack of recognition for sheep farmers. The dairy farmers are like the novelist big-shots, getting all the government money and buying fancy cars while the sheep farmers just sort of hang out thinking their flocks and farms are special and interesting but they'll never make much money from it but they're still kinda cool. Sheep are so quiet and contemplative, I think all that time I had as a kid to just sit around watching them in groups while they chewed their cuds and looked adorable and out of touch with reality, that was probably good for cultivating the patience necessary for being a poet. I think I always mention my shepherd past in my bio because I have a hang up about people thinking I'm from Toronto.

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