Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some photos from the Toronto Launch of The Emily Valentine Poems

My sweetheart et moi

Will Munro, co-owner of the Beaver & fabulous art fag and Lisa Foad, genius writer and organizer of my launch

Joe Pert, responsible for the video art installation of my poems and future baby daddy. Won't our kids be cute?

Mariko Tamaki, author of Fake I.D. & much more, with Emily Schultz, author of Joyland

Ange Holmes, bestest best who made the fabulous pink napkin silkscreened poems w/ Kaleb Robertson, awesome performer, who let me use his camera w/ Charissa Wilcox, fabulous wife of Mariko & production director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

DJ Polly Six, aka Alex Olsen, aka Alex Ookpick, my oldest friend and bestest DJ.

Emily Schultz and Evan Munday from Coach House Books.

Lara & Carolyn

the awesome Katie Steilmanis

RM Vaughan & Megan Richards

us plus book table!

Thanks Kaleb for the camera!

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