Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Someone please make me a pop culture columnist

Two great things happened today. I got a job interview, and just as I completed my read of Rachel Giese's brilliant open letter to Madonna on CBC's webpage, got assigned an article on Madonna. This is the perfect assignment.

In other pop culture news, has there ever been a more striking and interesting pair of teen boy best friends on TV than Seth & Ryan? Now that I don't have to watch whiney Marissa pull sad face every five seconds, I'm totally into the fourth season.

I'm also preparing an article for no one in particular in defense of George Stroumbolopos and his anchoring of The Hour on CBC. I know, it seems untenable and I've yet to get beyond "because he's dreamy" but I'm working on it.

Ha Ha spellcheck just tried to make me change CBC to CBS.

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