Friday, December 15, 2006

no more resumes, for the love of

Books news: I'll be reading at the IV Lounge reading series on March 9th with Tara-Michelle Ziniuk.
Work News: I'm the new reviews editor of Shameless magazine. Send me your books, cds and pitches!

Yesterday was an excellent day for Canadian celebrity spotting. Ron Sexsmith walked by our front-window table at the Tequila Bookworm, and I did that thing where I smiled at him because I thought I knew him, then realised he was just familiar-famous. Anyway, I noted he walked on the other side of the street on his way back:)

L. and I went to see a taping of the Hour after our not-so successful (on my part) attempt at writing the novel all afternoon. It seems the first 140 pages took about 30 days, the next twent-five took 3 months. I'm still working on my article pitch for a piece on George, not deterred at all by the Toronto Life cover, which was great but very generalised. Anyway, it was fun in that he was very interactive with the audience between takes, allowing for about five questions each time, which made up for the fact that all the guests were pre-taped. He was charming and entertaining, with the occasional bit of irritating thrown in here and there.

Couldn't sleep last night at all, so here I am at 8am listenting to Journey's Can't Stop Believing while my cat gives me stern upset-look that clearly I am leaving again for day three of new day job, an office she resents immensely.

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