Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pics from Word on the Street

I was interviewed for CBC Newsworld's The Scene by Jelena Adzic.Here is a pic with my her and my fabulous publicist, Sheila Hawks. It's been a looong weekend - who decided to put Nuit Blanche and WOTS in the same 24 hour period?

I was very excited to see my poetry animated on the TTC during the festival as part of the Words Travel Fast exhibit. (Animations playing on subway stations digital screens for the entire twelve hours of Nuit Blanche, without interruption from news flashes and marketing.) The 6 motion-poems commissioned for Words Travel Fast emerged from the collaborative pairing of poet Emily Pohl-Weary with motion graphics artist Karen Richardson, poet Emily Schultz with motion graphics artist Franco Barroeta Fonseca. I was paired up with motion graphics artist Emma Lopez.

Video of the videos to follow shortly!

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Anonymous said...


Great reading yesterday at Word on the Street! I was visiting Toronto and was pumped that I was able to see your gig. I loved your book "Bottle Rocket Hearts". Can't wait for the next one!!