Saturday, September 06, 2008

Globe Mention Today

The lovely Gale Zoe Garnett mentioned me in her review of Miriam Toews new novel, The Flying Troutmans, amongst a very flattering list of writers. Click here to read the whole story:

This energetic originality does have literary sisters and brothers: Sherman Alexie, Billie Livingston, Emma Richler, Zoe Whittall, Thomas King and the inevitable J. D. Salinger come immediately to mind. The power-thrust, the growing pains, the humour, the surprises and the layering are core to all of the above.

I will be reading this coming Wednesday at Granny Boots, an early evening arts cabaret at the Gladstone that happens every week, with Emma McKenna, Nolan Natasha, MC Joan Nestle, Lisa Bozikovic and Liz Brockest, aka the girl with ukelele who sang chapter four of Bottle Rocket Hearts in my short film of the same name.

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Grace O'Connell said...

Amazing, and congrats! Being mentioned side by side with JD Salinger is a swoon moment in my book.

Also, I'm adding you to my links!