Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From Quill &'s official

Deals: October 30, 2008 | 3:46 PM | By Stuart Woods
House of Anansi Press publisher Lynn Henry has acquired at auction the new novel by Zoe Whittall. Doing Nothing for As Long As Possible, the follow-up to Whittall's well-received 2007 debut Bottle Rocket Hearts, is the story of how a love triangle comprising three Toronto hipsters unravels in the wake of a disastrous freak accident. Anansi will publish the book as one of its lead fiction titles in fall 2009. The deal was arranged by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Literary Agency.

In other news - I am off to France in less than a week, for a 2.5 week long touring literary festival through the country, thanks to the fabulous Neil Bisoondath and Cormorant Books. MC will be joining me for a week in Paris and Brussels...can't think of a better way time to spend the normally blah Toronto November.

Those of you in Toronto, please come out on December 3rd for the launch of Precordial Thump, my third book of poetry, at the Gladstone hotel. Stay tuned for details.

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