Friday, October 17, 2008

mention on today

From an article by arts writer Sarah Liss, Stunt Woman - Toronto writer Claudia Dey’s city of the surreal

Young Canadian writers like Dey and O’Neill (Dey jokingly dubs them “the grimy dozen”) are answering Northrop Frye’s archetypal CanLit question — “Where is here?” — by shining their flashlights into the seedier nooks and crannies of Canada’s urban centres and suburban wastelands. Young writers like Ibi Kaslik, Zoe Whittall and Emily Schultz are carving out a magical new geography of Canada that incorporates a love of poetry, an appreciation of industrial beauty and a strong commitment to teasing out issues of race and class.

+ precordial thump arrives from the printers next week. I'll be launching in Toronto on December 3rd at the Gladstone Hotel as part of the Granny Boots series. More details TBA.
+ I'll be in France this November with celebrated author Neil Bisoondath as part of the festival Les Belles Etrangers.
+ Click here to read an article about me in the U of Guelph paper.

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