Sunday, August 23, 2009

My video trailer

Last week I had a lot of fun filming my promotional trailer for the new novel. A rough cut is linked from twitter and facebook and pasted below. Above is a still photo from the shoot taken by Joel Johnson. He's one of the 5 paramedics I convinced to make a human pyramid, have wheelbarrow races and do fake CPR in Trinity-Bellwoods park, all in the name of promoting my book.

The book has a three narrators, and one is a medic in downtown Toronto named Josh. Major themes in the book include emergency, disordered anxiety and how we change during moments of crisis. I thought having some real medics - many of whom helped me research for the book - goofing around to Jens Lekman's plucky little song about death was a perfect way to set the tone for potential readers.

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mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Zoe, I love this!!!

And the music -- it's all hilarious, but it also brought tears to my eyes...

One tiny suggestion -- there's not quite enough time to read the delicious Globe & Mail quote (at least not for me).

Love --