Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holding Still For As Long As Possible - out and getting some reviews!

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The latest review from Calgary's FFWD Magazine:

This is the second novel from the award-winning Canadian writer Zoe Whittall, who presents us with a story that really speaks to the generation while offering some sage advice about living... there are moments of genuine, understated authenticity, especially in Whittall’s depiction of complex human dynamics. She manages to beautifully encapsulate that sickening feeling when you realize your ex might be over you and to convey how it feels to fall in love with startling brevity.

And in a world where everything is connected — including your sexual partners — the anticipation of how these characters will be affected by the accident (and affect one another) is a real page-turner. Although the turning point comes late in the novel and falls short of the catastrophic conclusion we eagerly envision, the journey is enjoyable and the prescription for living is clear — and right on the money."

"Whittall has written an ambitious saga that keeps readers turning pages" - FAB magazine

"Holding Still for as Long as Possible is a clear improvement over Whittall’s affected debut, Bottle Rocket Hearts. A pervasive sense of authenticity runs throughout the novel, whether the focus is on the practices of EMS paramedics or on the mental anguish fostered by repeated attempts to drown out reality in a sea of booze and casual sex." Steven W. Beattie, prepared for The Walrus

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