Sunday, November 08, 2009

What Critics Are Saying About HSFALAP...and some tour photos!

Some new & exciting news: I was interviewed by Shelagh Rogers for the CBC radio show The Next Chapter. I will post details about the show's date and time as soon as I know them.

I don't update the blog very often, but I do twitter a lot lately w/ details about readings and reviews. You can follow along here:

Here's what critics are saying about Holding Still For As Long As Possible:

"With Holding Still, Whittall has established herself as a writer of immense vitality and courage; she stands as the voice of a lost, but thanks to her not forgotten generation: the boys and girls who will inherit the Earth." The National Post

"... Whittall is a dexterous puppeteer, and the book is unputdownable."
- The Globe and Mail

"... Whittall is a writer of richly nuanced characters. There's not a flubbed note in any of the voices& Whittall has still made a grand entertainment out of everyday collisions."
- Eye Weekly

"...a story that really speaks to the generation while offering some sage advice about living & there are moments of genuine, understated authenticity, especially in Whittall's depiction of complex human dynamics."

"The opening chapter introduces dutiful Josh, a transgender paramedic, responding to a call from a delusional man who claims to have been stabbed in the groin by a ghost. Robustly etched, Josh's narrative is immediately -- and consistently -- engrossing. Not only does Whittall's depiction of his work and colleagues enthrall, but her expert and compassionate telling of his after-hours dilemmas and compulsions have a cinematic richness full of enticing textures and tones. The sure-footed promise evident in Bottle Rocket Hearts, Whittall's 2007 debut, is easily matched here." The Vancouver Sun

"In Holding Still for as Long as Possible, the awareness of mortality intersects with the romantic restlessness of youth. It makes for a story whose vital signs are fully present and robust." The Toronto Star

"Zoe Whittall is a championing voice of outsiders and outcasts, of surviving your 20s and all their hangovers" The Coast

"Holding Still holds an astonishingly astute mirror to a generation still struggling to define itself. A fine sophomore novel by one of Canada's most promising young writers."
- The Westender

This is the view from our hotel room on the last night of my book tour. It was extra-special fancypants for my gf's 33rd birthday:

Elizabeth Bachinsky, Lisa Foad, and I at the Vancouver International Writers' Festival:

This is a deer we saw on our walk down a mountain in Banff:

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