Tuesday, May 25, 2010

first day of summer

* Holding Still for as Long as Possible is now out in paper. It's pretty and now way more portable and affordable! The Globe & Mail picked it as one of the hot new paperbacks!
* I wrote the cover story for this month's Quill & Quire, a feature on author Katherine Govier.
* I wrote a review of Girl Crazy by Russell Smith for the Globe & Mail.
* I will be reading at the Trigger festival in Toronto on June 11th, with fellow femme writers Anna Camilleri and Debra Anderson.
* I will be reading in New York City on September 14th, at McNally Jackson, 52 Prince St., with Amanda Stern, Emily Schultz, Jim Hanas, and Brian Joseph Davis.
* Sad about the death of artist Will Munro, who is memorialized by friends in Eye Weekly.


Robby said...

That little bio at the end of your review of Girl, Crazy? Brilliant. Made my day.
I need to read your books. The anticipation is killing me.

Grace O'Connell said...

Oooh I wish I could come to your New York reading! Eat a black and white cookie for me!

Susan Margaret said...

A tremendously HUGE thanks to you for coming to Listowel today and spending time with my students. You have a number of huge fans now (myself included!). I can't wait to pick up your other books - I'm especially interested in Bottle Rocket Hearts. Thanks for being so awesome (and reminding me how much I loved the Dead Milkmen)! :)