Monday, April 18, 2011

OP Mag reviews Holding Still for as Long as Possible

The wonderful Tom Leger, publisher of Topside Press in NYC has reviewed HSFALAP on the Original Plumbing magazine blog. I would encourage you to read the whole review here. But if you're in a scanning mood, here is an excerpt:

"The thing that makes this novel markedly different than almost every other novel ever written in the history of the novel, is that it is written from an insider’s perspective about young trans and queer people ... it is an immensely important book. Holding Still might be the first of a new upsurge in literature about trans people – authentic narratives, executed skillfully and received with great acclaim. I want you to read this book and I want you to write a novel, because I want to read more of these. I want trans people to realize that our lives, that our communities, that our worlds are valuable and deserve to be recorded."

That last line made me tear up a little bit. Thanks Tom!

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